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Commercial SERVICES

Elevate Your Business with Custom Solutions

This service is tailored for clients looking to develop or expand their business infrastructure, including office buildings, retail centers, warehouses, industrial facilities, and other commercial properties. From the initial concept to the final construction, these services offer a comprehensive solution to meet the unique needs of your business.

New Construction

Enhancing and enlarging existing commercial properties to accommodate growth, improve functionality, or adapt to changing market demands. This service covers a broad range of activities, including the addition of new spaces, renovation of current structures, and upgrading facilities to meet new operational requirements.


Commercial Renovation specializes in updating, refurbishing, and transforming existing commercial properties to meet current operational needs, enhance aesthetic appeal, and comply with the latest building standards. This service encompasses a wide range of renovations, from minor updates to complete overhauls of office buildings, retail stores, hospitality venues, and other commercial spaces. 


Mixed-Use Development Construction Service specializes in the planning, design, and construction of mixed-use properties, which integrate residential, commercial, and sometimes industrial elements into a single project. Whether it be office space, retail, apartments, or parking and storage - no project is too big or small. Contact Beyond Builders to get started. 


At Beyond Builders, we understand that your commercial space is more than just a building; it's the heart of your business. That's why we offer specialized commercial construction services tailored to the unique needs of businesses in California. From restaurant expansions to retail store remodels, our in-house team of experts manages every aspect of your project from the initial concept to the final touches. With a dedicated project manager assigned to your build, you'll enjoy streamlined communication and a singular focus on bringing your vision to life. Experience efficiency, innovation, and excellence with Beyond Builders as we transform your commercial space into a place where your business can thrive.

Your Business is our Priority


Moraga Country Club

Year Completed:



Beyond Builders recently completed a comprehensive renovation of the Moraga Country Club's bathroom facilities. The project involved a complete overhaul, including the installation of new tile flooring, a fully redesigned shower area, modern toilet facilities, and updated lockers. The country club faced challenges with outdated fixtures and a layout that no longer met the needs of its members. Beyond Builders addressed these issues by creating a more efficient, visually pleasing space, integrating high-quality materials and modern designs that reflect the club’s prestigious atmosphere. This renovation not only improved the functionality and style of the facilities but also enhanced the overall member experience at the club.


Project Spotlight

Year Completed:



Commercial Industrial Build


Beyond Builders delivered this ground-up build with a team of in-house specialists. 

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